Who we are

We are a cannabis business based in Estonia, and we are passionate about bringing our customers the best prices on high-quality cannabis products. Our journey began when we saw a need for affordable, accessible cannabis in the market. We knew that we could make a difference by offering competitive prices and a wide range of products to suit every customer’s needs.

Today, we are proud to be a leading cannabis business in Estonia, known for our exceptional products and customer service. We are grateful to all of our customers for their support, and we look forward to continuing to serve the cannabis community for many years to come.


Futuristic CBD

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CBN Isolate

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CBG Isolate

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CBD Isolate

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What’ve our clients said.

  • I love the CBN-P Blend. Now my garden is shining

  • I didn’t believe that CBD could have an effect. I highly recommend it to those who like CBD.